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CareFirst - BlueChoice
Please stop making healthcare unaffordable to lower and middle class people. My son has a rare kidney disease and we have to see a ton of specialists a year plus he's on many meds. The health insurance premium is killing our family and being able to afford every day things. A rate increase will make it even worse.
    Submitted By: Kim Curtis    Location: Perryville MD    Date: 5/7/2018

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These insurance increases will make already unaffordable monthly payments worse. Please NO INCREASE
    Submitted By: Brooke     Location: Mechanicsville MD    Date: 5/8/2018

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last plan year for us it starts on sep 1st Carefirst blue choice refunded millions of dollars back to small groups because they did not use 80% for health expensives. Why do they need a rate increase when hopefully they will do the same this year. Rate increases for the sake of a rate increase does not make healthcare more affordable for the poor working men and women. Please do not allow a rate increase this year. Thank you
    Submitted By: Thomas Zingareli    Location: Baltimore MD    Date: 5/9/2018

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Sure, private companies need to remain profitable in order to provide their services, but I would like to add my voice to the chorus of consumers who are tired of paying greater proportions of our incomes for the same or lower level of service. In 2016, my CareFirst BlueChoice plan paid less than 80% of premiums toward medical benefits because, according to them, 'health care spending in 2016 was slightly lower in your area than CareFirst had projected.' I can't speak to patterns, but in this instance they made a bad projection that was in their favor. I am sure that the MIA will be considering plenty of data, but please consider the consumers, too, and do not roll over to what are surely conservative projections by these for-profit companies.
    Submitted By: Richard Burcat    Location: Columbia MD    Date: 6/20/2018

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