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Kaiser Foundation
For the past three years, our premiums have increased over 40 percent every year with ever higher deductibles. We currently pay 900 per month for two people, with a 6200 deductible. If Kaiser raises prices yet again, we may opt out of insurance altogether, especially now that there is no penalty. Won't this continued rate increase eventually kill the ACA? How is that beneficial? Please deny anymore rate increases and keep insurance barely affordable.
    Submitted By: Naghma Husain    Location: Silver Spring MD    Date: 5/8/2018

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Please see the attached comments from Consumer Health First
    Submitted By: Beth Sammis    Location: Baltimore MD    Date: 7/6/2018

             Consumer Health First Comments for 2019
Please deny this request, and that of all other providers. I already pay over 1,500 dollars per MONTH to this provider for the insurance for 2 adults. I doubt that the services we use cost more than 1,500 per YEAR. If the rate increases, we will most likely opt out of having any health insurance. Please keep health care affordable for Marylanders and deny these requests.
    Submitted By: Nancy Navarro    Location: Rockville MD    Date: 8/14/2018

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We currently pay $2300/month for a family of three. Under the proposed increases we would pay close to $3,300/month. This is outrageous. My health insurance premium should not be more than my mortgage. Both my husband and I are self employed and we have seriously considered closing our business and laying off our 10 workers so we can go work for someone else just to get health insurance benefits. Please keep health care affordable in Maryland by denying these large rate increases.
    Submitted By: Shannon Shirvan    Location: Ellicott City MD    Date: 8/16/2018

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Please see the attached comments from the Office of the Attorney General.
    Submitted By: Patricia O'Connor    Location: Baltimore MD    Date: 8/17/2018

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